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Bonded Abrasive

bonded abrasive

Although very fine aluminium oxide abrasives may incorporate powdered material, a bonded abrasive is made up of an abrasive substance contained within a matrix. A binder is a matrix that is made up of clay, resin, glass, or rubber. This binder-abrasive mixture is usually formed into blocks, sticks, or wheels.

Bonded abrasive products are designed to achieve a specific polish, perform at a specific cutting speed, or provide general stock removal to fulfill a customer's needs. Aluminum oxide is the most common form of bonded abrasive.

Grinding wheels, abrasive stones, or sticks are made by bonding an abrasive grain into a matrix such as glass, resin, rubber, or another binder to grind, cut, polish, finish, or sharpen other things.

Our Products

Cream Tripoli

tripoli cream powder products
Used in metal finishing, automotive friction products due to reformulation to non-asbestos products, lapidary ...

Rose Tripoli

tripoli rose powder products
Abrasive component in various polishing compositions. With its iron oxide content, It is more slightly ...

Creators Desiccant Powder

desiccant powder products
used often in Column Chromatography as the stationary phase. It is mixed together with the solvent ...


tripoli sandstone products
used to construct buildings, statues, and fountains. It is commonly used for griding ...

Flint Chert

tripoli flint chert products
A variety of microcrystalline or cryptocrystalline quartz. It can be used as the cutting edge in some of the finest ...

Fill Dirt

tripoli fill dirt
used to fill in a depression or hole in the ground or create mounds or otherwise ...