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American Tripoli the Manufacturer of Seneca Standard Tripoli is one of the oldest existing Tripoli, Silica Sand, and Aggregate mining operations in the entire U.S., officially established in 1869. We are proud of our past and will continue to emphasize product quality, consistency, and service.

Years of Experience
American Tripoli the Manufacturer of Seneca Standard Tripoli was incorporated in 1891. Currently, we have 2400 acres of active mine material in Southwest Missouri. Our primary mined product is Tripoli and is globally known as the “Seneca Standard” for Tripoli material. Tripoli was first discovered in 1869 and can be found in numerous products we all use every day.
Pricing and Services
When you purchase from American Tripoli, you are purchasing the highest quality products directly from the manufacturer, allowing us to stay one of the most competitive companies in our industry. With our low rates and extensive services for a wide range of materials, we are able to offer the best value in the industry.
Quality & Delivery Satisfaction
The quality of our product has been fine-tuned in response to client feedback, and the utmost care is taken in the packaging and transportation of items to guarantee that they arrive in perfect shape and in compliance with any previously agreed-upon terms. From the processing of purchase orders through the delivery of goods and services, play an important part in our organization.