American Tripoli and Sandstone


 Our unique Tripoli comes in shades of color from Dark Maroon to a very White color. The particles are naturally friable, breaking down, or crumbling into smaller particles during application. Its large applications have lacquer finishing compounds and automobile polishes in addition to metal polishes, foundry parting, fillers, cleaners, floor sweep, bottom polishing, wood finishing, polishing cloth, gm polishing, soaps, insecticides, putty, and admixtures for concreate and filters. It is also suitable as a texturing agent in paints, coatings, and cement as a viscosity control agent as an extender for expensive resins, and as a mild abrasive in commercial and industrial cleansers. also used in lapidary business, plastics and polymers, and in relatively recent times.

American Tripoli provides solution for your polishing, buffing, and other most challenging applications in different industries.

Chemical compound used: SiO2 with 94-98% Purity.

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