American Tripoli and Sandstone

About Us

About Us

American Tripoli is a global industrial minerals and logistics company with core mining, processing, logistics, and material science competencies, enabling us to produce and deliver diversified products to customers worldwide cost-effectively.

American Tripoli is constantly researching and developing customized solutions. Our Customers count on us to deliver the most modern value-added solutions. We partner with them to create new products for numerous industries to include Agriculture, Apothecary, Aquaculture, Ceramics, Chemicals, Hydrothermal, Jewelry, Lapidary, Machinists, Medicinal, Metal industry, Manufacturing; 3D Printing, Abrasives, Aggregates, Automobile, Cement, Detergents, Electronics, Industrial materials, Feed, Filters, Dynamite/Fireworks, Glass, Hydroponics, Oil and Gas, Opticals, Paint, Pesticides, Plastics, Rubber, Sealants, Solar, Veterinarian, and Woodcrafters.

We were established in 1869. The first Commercial application was a scouring and polishing brick called “American Bath Brick” in 1871. Our R&D for new applications has not since stopped with currently 100+ different products and 1000+ different uses.
The Foreseeable Future
We are researching new applications and markets that result in new opportunities and, by continuing to partner with you, assisting your business to even greater profitability. We are constantly diversifying our portfolio to offer a more incredible selection of high-performing industrial products and services. Together we can make a more significant impact on the foreseeable future!
Our History

American Tripoli

Founded 1869 | Incorporated 1891
1869 Tripoli discovered at Seneca, Missouri, U.S.A.

1871 First commercial application, a polishing brick    called “American Bath Brick” by Monarch Tripoli Co.

1885 First grinding mill built.

1888 American Tripoli Company organized.

1891 Incorporation of American Tripoli    Company.

1919 Purchased by Barnsdall Corporation.

1920 New grinding mill built.

1931 Name changed to Barnsdall Tripoli    Company.

1935 Name changed to Barnsdall Tripoli    Corporation.

1939 New steel mill built to replace old mill    destroyed by fire.

1947 J. C. Miller and Associates purchased the    company.

1954 Carborundum Company purchased the    company.

1969 100th Year anniversary of discovery.

1982 Warburg, Pincus, Inc. of New York purchased the    company.

1986 Canadian Pacific purchased the company and    directed operations to NYCO® Minerals, Inc.

1991 100th Year anniversary of incorporation.

2002 Canadian Pacific assigned responsibility of    NYCO and American Tripoli Inc. to Fording Coal.

2007 Resource Capital Funds purchased NYCO &    American Tripoli Inc.

2012 S&B Industrial Minerals purchased NYCO &    American Tripoli Inc.

2014 American Tripoli Inc. became certified in ISO    9001, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001.

2015 lmerys purchased S&B Industrial Minerals.

2016 Imerys sold American Tripoli Inc. to a private    individual.

2021 A private investor family acquired American    Tripoli Inc. and the corporation was dissolved.

2021 MOSenecaManufacturer LLC, a subsidiary is dba    American Tripoli.

Business Registration Information:

MOSenecaManufacturer LLC dba American Tripoli

Company Operational Data:

PO Box 489 (mailing address)
222 Onieda St, Seneca, MO 64865 (Shipping/FOB address)