American Tripoli and Sandstone


Double Ground Rose (DGR)

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Brand: American Tripoli

Rose Tripoli:

(SiO2= 94.03%, Al2O3= 2.34% Fe2O3= 0.83%)

A free-flowing non-metallic powder, odorless, cream and rose colored, and insoluble in water.

Microns – %

425 – 100.00

300 – 100.00

212 – 99.92

150 – 98.61

106 – 94.91

75 – 89.87

Single 50lb or 100lb bags are available, there is no minimum order quantity. Send us email at

All US Export shipments, require insecticide spray inside per container, IN595: $24.97.

Individual bags do not include, Pallet(s), Slip Sheet(s), Stretch Wrap(ped) which will be added to the Sales Quote.

All orders of 50lb bags less than the “6-high” will occur a $100.00 custom order fee, per pallet.

All orders of 100lb bags less than the “5-high” will occur a $100.00 custom order fee, per pallet.

Any order higher than the “5-high” or “6-high” will occur $200 per layer, per pallet, custom order fee. This is for Safety reasons. Max height is “9-high”.

Significant discounts are given for large orders of 5+ 20-foot containers (FCL).

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