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Materials Lab Technician

Job Category: Materials Lab Technician
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: 222 Oneida St Seneca MO 64865
Job Summary:

Pay depends on experience

We have remote work opportunities available worldwide for motivated, entrepreneurial individuals interested in working in one of the fastest-growing & exciting social marketing companies today. Experience the benefits of a hybrid corporate culture that we are seeking a Materials Lab Technician who conducts a wide variety of materials testing. The materials’ testing is conducted primarily in the field but can alternate between the lab and the field, depending upon need.

Generally, duties include performing moisture and compaction tests, obtaining representative field samples, and performing a variety of tests on materials to determine temperature, unit weight, slump, yield, and air entrainment.

The work also involves working in close proximity to heavy construction equipment, standing and climbing, exposure to hazardous materials, chemicals, and dust, and working during inclement weather conditions. Individuals are required to use appropriate safety equipment and procedures in performing assignments.

Job Description:
  • Communicate with the other company team members, vendors, management, and contractors in order to relay/review job progress, results of lab/field tests, and scheduling of work. Prepares test results documentation to relay job progress and describe unusual job site conditions.
  • Uses common hand tools, such as a hammer, saw, screwdriver, or other tools to sample/test construction. Operates a variety of standard office equipment, (example: calculator) to verify computations of test results and measurements. Enters data or information into a personal computer.
  • Prepares and/or updates schedules or similar charts to schedule jobs and verify testing/sampling locations. Moves soils, asphalt, concrete samples, etc., from one place to another using a handcart, wheelbarrow, etc. Digs up ground using a pick, shovel, spade, or jackhammer to obtain samples of construction materials. Moves silica sand (100 pounds), using a cart or other aid to assist with the lifting, 5-gallon buckets of soil and aggregate samples (35 pounds) for distances of up to 5 feet. Cleans work area and equipment. Works with cleaning fluids, agents, and chemicals to remove film from equipment, etc.
  • Works in a variety of weather conditions while performing routine sampling and testing of construction materials. Works in small, cramped areas while performing density testing and lab work. Works in shored trenches of 0-40 feet. Meets scheduling and attendance requirements.
  • Plans and organizes own work schedule and prioritizes own field sampling and testing work. Performs mathematical calculations and statistical computations of field and lab test results for history data of jobs. Comprehends and makes inferences from written material. Understands and interprets schematic drawings to locate and record where sampling/testing was obtained. Learns job-related material through on-the-job training and in a classroom setting regarding field and lab sampling and testing procedures.

Does require a minimum of one year of construction inspection, paraprofessional engineering work, or work involving construction materials testing. Preferably experienced with MSHA, OSHA, etc.

Knowledge required: 
  • the properties, characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses of the materials used in industrial products and construction
  • basic laboratory and field tests required for standard materials testing
  • mechanical soil properties
  • civil engineering and construction related terminology
  • basic mathematics including fractions, percentages, ratios, areas, and simple algebra
  • MAG standards, specifications and details for public works projects and general contract administration practices and procedures.
Skills in:
  • use of proctors when sampling soils and use of materials testing equipment such as penetrometer (for mortar testing), scales and balances, sieves, extractors, core apparatus, speedy moisture kit, and sand cone equipment.
Ability to:
  • perform density tests in order to determine the in-place density of the material being tested (examples: soil, asphaltic concrete) and moisture content
  • test unit weights, air voids, and stabilities in order to determine whether the materials being placed (examples: asphaltic concrete) meet the MAG requirements, contract specifications
  • perform liquid limit and plasticity limit tests to determine if soil is suitable for specific functions
  • perform sand equivalency tests on fine aggregate sand to determine if there is an excessive clay coating which would prevent the asphalt from sticking to the sand
  • perform the full range of testing on soils, slurry seal, mortar, grout, and chip seal including speedy moisture tests, sieve gradations, sand cone densities, etc.
  • compute percentages, ratios, and proportions of materials being tested
  • prepare clear and concise daily logs, computation sheets, reports, etc.
  • record test results and advise of results
  • read and understand engineering plans, specifications, and details for quality assurance and to determine locations and materials criteria
  • work effectively in the field with minimal supervision
  • work effectively with contractors and construction personnel under such circumstances as conflict of values and short time frames
  • lift, carry, and push 100 pounds (examples: five gallon buckets of concrete, 100 pound bag of sand, etc.)
  • climb structures (example: scaffolding) to 20 feet above ground
  • go up in elevators, manlifts, and buckets to 50 feet above ground
  • use a shovel to obtain samples of materials for testing
  • turn a valve key to operate water/gas valves, fire hydrants, etc.
  • work in a hot, dusty environment, often standing for periods of two hours or more around construction equipment
  • establish and maintain effective working relationships with supervisors and coworkers
  • interact with contractors/construction personnel to assure work activities meet required quality standards on status of work.

The duties listed above are intended only as general illustrations of the various types of work that may be performed. Specific statements of duties not included do not exclude them from the position if the work is similar, related, or a logical assignment to the position. Job descriptions are subject to change as the needs and requirements of this job change.

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